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Internal Medicine Billing


Internal medicine is a medical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of adult patients. Internist refers to a physician who specializes in internal medicine. Internal medicine subspecialties include:

  1. Immunology and allergy
  2. Cardiology
  3. Endocrinology
  4. Hematology
  5. Viruses and other infectious disorders
  6. Gastroenterology
  7. Nephrology
  8. Oncology
  9. Pulmonology
  10. Rheumatology

Internal medicine practices having unique billing and revenue cycles, which medical coders are familiar with. Our staff uses their combined experience and attention to detail to ensure that you are reimbursed for the patient care you deliver in a timely and appropriate manner.

Internal Medicine vs. General Medicine

  • Internal medicine professionals specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, and management of disease and chronic disorders in adults. They’ve been educated to identify difficult diseases that only affect grownups.
  • Patients of any gender or age, including children and adolescents, can be treated by general practitioners.

Medical Billing in Internal Medicine

Internal medicine faces unique issues in terms of billing coverage that other medical disciplines may not face. To make the first diagnosis, internists may need to perform a number of tests, which will be followed up by the expert. Internal medicine medical billing is difficult because consultations aren’t confined to certain diseases, body systems, and symptoms, or procedures/treatments. Furthermore, even if a patient does not have a specific problem, internists provide frequent preventive and periodic evaluation services.

As an internal medicine physician or institution, you will undoubtedly require a billing provider that understands the complexities of this medical specialty. The internal medical billing company you’re looking for is undoubtedly ours. We can provide you with focused, dependable, and quick medical billing services at a 30% to 40% discount.

Benefits of Utilizing Our Billing services

Take advantage of this chance to take advantage of internal medicine medical billing services that eliminate the problems of collecting money from patients. For billing, we’ll employ our high-end software and infrastructure to make the process go faster and smoother. We will bring orders to your business and handle all correspondence with payers, ensuring that you receive your money on schedule and without problems.

  • A thorough investigation of all patient accounts
  • Each account is evaluated on a regular basis.
  • Diagnostic and procedural codes are audited on a regular basis.
  • QA checks are performed on a regular basis, and reports are available.
  • Fewer appeals and/or refiles due to cleaner claims
  • Client benefit reports are generated on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • Weekly meetings and phone calls to discuss progress are held on a weekly basis.
  • For immediate support, use instant messaging, Skype, or the telephone.
  • TAT tailored to your needs
  • There are no yearly contracts that are longer than a year.

Our Working Methodology

  • Provide Us With Information About Your Practice
  • Fill out a form with information about your practice, including any providers and insurance companies you work with.

Initial Step: Send Us Your Documents

  • Become a member of the Claim Submission Program.
  • We will provide you with any insurance clearinghouse forms required to submit claims on your behalf.

Working Step: Signing -up for Claiming Submission

  • We’ll go over the paperwork we’ll need to bill your insurance claims and assist you with any papers you’ll need to provide us with the correct patient and insurance information. We’ll also consult with you or your employees to figure out the best way to get that information to us, as well as how to prepare it so that nothing is overlooked.

Final Step: Provide Us With Your Paperwork

  • That concludes our discussion. You’ll be on your way to getting your Internal Medicine Billing done correctly by expert coders and medical billing professionals in three simple steps. Simply follow these three simple steps to ensure that your practice is successful.


It’s simple to have NixxeMBS start working on your Internal Medicine Medical Billing. We’ll collaborate closely with your current medical billing business or in-house employees to ensure a seamless transition to our service. Internal medicine billing is something we know a lot about. Our team of Certified Professional Coders and Experienced Billers will walk you through the process of establishing you’re practice.

Dealing with rejections and denials is one of the most costly components of internal medicine billing revenue cycle management for practitioners. Each one can take hours to decipher, correct, resubmit, and occasionally follow up on.